Well hello there!

The pages of this site are mainly here so we can share some stories & pictures of our Africa adventure, but you’ll also find some pictures and details of previous trips too.

Our wander down Africa should start at the tail-end of September and take us 6 months to a year (ish), ending in Cape town.  We’re heading down the “easy east side”, so current plan is UK to Turkey, ferry to Egypt, then Sudan to Ethiopia to Kenya and “ask from there”.

We’re planning to update this site with tales of our travels every couple of weeks or so (once we get started), so if you’re interested then keep peaking at it.

If you want to contact us leave a message on the site or email benandjen.adventures@gmail.com

Thanks for looking

Ben & Jen

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25 Responses to Hello

  1. Catherine says:

    I can help you with your gramma! Can’t wait to read the Ben ‘n’ Jen diaries. Huge good luck both and dont forget your fans!

  2. Leanne says:

    I’m getting so excited for the pair of you! And the jeep looks like one serious piece of kit – shame we never got to have a barbecue out the back of it!! 🙂
    Have a brill time, looking forward to the updates

    • Thanks Leanne, we’re getting very excited too (but will be happier once our to do list is nearing completion!)…
      Ben is a little unpset with you calling our trusty disco a jeep (engineers eh!) but you’re right in it being one serious piece of kit.
      Looking forward to catching up before we disappear!

  3. Jan (aka Mum) says:

    Hi you two, love your website – it will be so good to be able to keep tabs on you and hear all about (or not, you know how I fret!) your many fantastic adventures. Don’t forget to drive carefully ! Love you both.

  4. Chris says:

    I can’t believe how soon you are now going- so exciting xx

  5. Anonymous says:

    Well ‘ello housemates! I shall spam this with incessant ramblings frequently, I’m sure you will have missed them 😉

  6. Lee Sharp says:

    I lived in South Africa for four years and travelled all over Southern Africa with a Defender or Discovery and met many people who had driven from London to Cape Town.
    What you’re about to do is my dream trip, so kinda envy you guys big time.
    I remember thinking “one day when I retire….”. At this rate I’ll be 85 by the time I get around to it 😉
    I’ll definately keep up to date with the trip.
    Keep well, keep safe and enjoy.
    All the best Lee Sharp (TMETC Project Control)

  7. Nurun says:

    Hi Jen,

    Congratulations to you and Ben on embarking on a wonderful, some what crazy adventure together. I look forward to your regular updates with pictures and comments 😉
    Drive safe, be bad and remember to brush your teeth before bed time…….in your tent……above your car….(I still can’t get over that lol)!!

    Have a safe journey Jen.

    Luv Nurun xxxx

  8. Anonymous says:

    Have you enjoyed the Belgian Countryside and beeeerssshhhh yet?

  9. Anneka says:

    Hello there!

    We are planning almost exactly the same trip in our Land Rover, leaving in January… so excited about it!

    Have you set off!?

    We are currently very concerned about how we’re going to get from Turkey to Egypt, or what other options there are for this part of the journey… Are there ferries running from Greece or Egypt to Alexandria? If not, what is getting through Libya or Syria like!!??

    Any comments or useful links you might have would be amazing! Hope your plans have come together and gone well.

    Anneka, fellow traveller.

    • Hi Anneka

      The plan is to head from Mersin to Port Said, I’m sure there will be some ‘challenges’ and we’ve tried to me prepare ourselves for the fiasco we’re going to have getting the car out of the Egyptian port. We’ll let everyone know how we get on… we’re heading down to the port on Monday. Our main source of info has been from horizons unlimited which is massively helpful at all sorts of overland info so maybe check out that – the hubb is the key forum.

      Cheers Jen

  10. familyhawks says:

    We are pleased that you have, by now, crossed the channel and really are beginning your long awaited journey of a lifetime together. Bon voyage dear fellows x

  11. Trevor & Jan says:

    Hi Ben and Jen

    My wife and I did the trip in 2009-2010 and all we can says is ENJOY!! We have been back for 2 years now and are gagging to go on the next adventure.
    We are very jealous.

    Good luck and all the best

    Trevor and Jan

  12. Hi guys.
    Wish I’d stopped by for a beer last night instead of sitting alone at my tent. Great chatting with you both this morning. Really envious of your trip (although I’d prefer to do it on my bike). I got back up to Kutahya in one piece and assume you are futher down towards Mersin by now.
    Hope you don’t have to swim out to meet your ship.
    Don’t forget to update on here before you start to forget things 🙂

    Stay safe and have a great one.

  13. Good luck from everyone in RGB .. you will be the talk of mallory next weekend.

    • Cheers colin, is Mallory the finale? best of luck, Ben & Jen

      • superjess8 says:

        I am coordinating my friends trip, he is in Turkey and I am trying to arrange his ferry & fixer from Port Iskenderun, Turkey to Damietta, Egypt (arrival port has changed from Port Said). I have telephoned and emailed Eslam to arrange for him to meet Russell at Port Damietta and he has quoted a price of 3,500 Egyptian Pounds for a 2 day service. Can I ask if you think this is reasonable as I see you paid 2,800 Egyptian Pounds for his service, or maybe that is just for the vehicle payments, can I ask what did you pay for the fixer’s services on top of the 2,800? I am just wondering as I’ve also read on Horizons that they only paid him 500 Egyptian Pounds for 3 days work, I am a little confused and your help would be much appreciated.

      • Hi Jessica. We paid 2800Eg pounds for the Carnet paperwork, number plates etc. We then paid Eslam what we thought was reasonable and generous (about 500eg pounds) for at least 2 days work. Does 3500 include Eslams fee? Maybe the different port has different procedures? It’s all one big game – hope it all sorts itself without too much stress.

  14. Anonymous says:

    You have done well. Good to hear of your progress.

    Not much fuel in Sudan. I remember filling up lots in Egypt.

    God Bless


  15. Anonymous says:

    Hi Jen
    Sounds as if you are having a wonderful time and lots of experiences. Love reading your updates so keep on posting!! Take care, Nabs x
    Miss you loads too

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