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Installment 4 – Luxor to Sudan

Jen: Following our fantastic trip through the Western Desert we headed for the only campsite in Luxor – Reziky camp. We had the normal shenanigans in finding the entrance you could actually get into the site, then as the guy … Continue reading

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Instalment 3 – Egypt – Port Said to Luxor

Ben – So, we got into Egypt, Ben, Jen Cedric & Disco.  It was a big faff, but looking back it wasn’t too tricky, and no more hassle than we expected.  Customs highlights for me: The 2 angry customs men … Continue reading

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Instalment 2 – Ferry to Port Said – “Why do today what you can put off until tomorrow”

Jen: After finally leaving the Turkish port I was very grateful to find that the sea was smooth and I had no hint of sea sickness (this was a huge relief as you would not want to be poorly with … Continue reading

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Instalment 1 – “Off on our holybobs” – UK to Egypt Ferry

Ben:  Finally we’re getting our first entry onto the site.  We have been marching through Europe mainly and the time has evaded us.  If you’re another overlander just looking for info, look at the “country notes” tab as below we’ll … Continue reading

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