Egypt & Sudan



–       we stayed at Isis Garden camp, co-ordinates N29 57.766 E031 09.544 which we really enjoyed, it was admittedly like camping in somebodys front garden but the location near Giza was good.  Apart from the early morning mosque wake up call it was a nice peaceful retreat from all the craziness in Cairo

–       we were also able to use their swimming pool

–       if you have a vehicle bigger than a car you’re probably better heading somewhere else as you’ll end up parking on the track outside the house but they’ll still charge you 150 EG£

–       Sue and Helal the owners were very friendly and let us use their roof terrace the one night to see the Giza light show

Western Desert

–       we bush camped for 3 nights just pulling off the main road far enough so we couldn’t be seen

–       absolutely beautiful camping with thousands of stars each night and no-one bothered us

–       try to make sure you’re not leaving one of the towns later in the day as the police may stop you from continuing to the next town, we heard of them stopping other tourists driving at night as they said it was not safe

–       the old mudbrick city of Al-Quasr in Dakhla, GPS N25 41.882 E28 52.952 makes for an interesting visit and they really don’t see many tourists so it’s good to pay to stop by


–       we stayed at Rezeiky camp, GPS N25 42.683 E32 38.919 and makes for a nice enough camp plus the car is secure, although it is pretty noisy with a disco nearby, barking dogs and roosters!

–       we also recommend their food, we had an absolute feast on the first night when we arrived


–       we spent a long time trying to find somewhere to park the car overnight before loading it on the barge, the only place we could find that wasn’t stupid prices was the Sara Hotel, GPS N24 13.160 E33 01.559 and still cost $50. Despite being a long way out of town it did offer a free minibus service to take you to and from Aswan

–       we didn’t stay at Adams Home, GPS N24 10.135 E32 51.971 as we’d been told this had closed down, however we’ve since met other overlanders who have stayed there recently so this is probably a much cheaper option than the hotel

 Aswan – Wadi Halfa Ferry

–       please note that we took the last ferry before Eid which resulted in a 10 day gap in service and a huge increase in demand – I think we experienced a few more issues than normal and paid a bit more than the ‘going rate’ (3000 Eg£ for the car)

–       the passenger tickets also cost appox plus 330Eg£

–       we used the services of Mohammed Abouda, he’s pretty easy to deal with and did deliver everything we promised, although we couldn’t help feel we’d been slightly over charged (but we’ll put that down to the Eid festival)

–       Mohammed organised for our car to be put on the barge, took us to the relevant places to return number plates etc and to complete the necessary carnet paperwork, he also sorted out passenger tickets for us (which I’d guess is not necessary under normal circumstances)

– make sure you take a sleeping bag with you as it gets really chilly on deck at night (I didn’t take one and regretted it!)



– we got our visas in Cairo, dropping them in the morning and collecting them in the afternoon

– People we were travelling with tried to get visas in Aswan and probably just because of bad luck had some issues which caused all sorts of stress with the ferry

–       we bush camped through the north of Sudan just finding a suitable looking bit of desert

–       just north of Wawa we stayed at Camp Louis – GPS points N20 42.932 E30 21.391 which was a lovely little spot overlooking the Nile

–       we also stayed at some amazing Dunes near Dongola – GPSN19 05.965 E30 29.771

–       the Al-Asifa Hotel in Atbara Hotel was good value at 120Sud£, with the use of free wifi

–       you can also camp around the back of the Meroe Pyramids which was very nice and again we were surprised not to have anyone bother us

–       in Khartoum we stayed at National camping Residence, GPS N15 31.479 E32 34.178 which was really friendly. It was a little way out of town and the bathrooms weren’t quite as clean as what we’d been led to believe, however from other people we’ve met it sounded a lot nicer than the Blue Nile Sailing Club

–       the guys at the Camping Residence also showed us the way to a road full of Land Rover parts shop and the Alsmaraa Trading Co, Tel 0918 341 064. 0122 506 793 was pretty good

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