We spent a few hours chatting with Paul at footloose 4×4 (where we bought our wagon).  He’s very familiar with Africa, Land Rovers & this kind of trip as you’d expect, so it was good to get his advice on

Vehicle stuff – what breaks, a spare kit lists, pre trip vehicle prep, on the road maintenance. We also stuck the  Disco on a ramp and found a few specific bits and pieces to sort out before we head off

Trip planning – lots of advice on budgets, visas, medical considerations, driving skills, security , on the road logistics, equipment and shipping


One of Pauls top recommendations was Wilderness Medical Training.  We had an extremely useful weekend with them and a very small group in Oxford.  The course was taken be a very knowledgeable Doctor and keen mountaineer. He gave lots of very practical advice, real life examples and witty anecdotes throughout the weekend.

Amongst other things we covered:- expedition medical planning, measuring vital signs, CPR, shock, how to safely move and lift casualties, wounds and burns, head, neck, abdominal and chest injuries, fractures and dislocations, common medical conditions, tropical problems and medical kit advice


We’ve struggled to find somewhere near Leamington to give the Disco a proper stretching, so decided to spend a day with near Llangollen in North Wales.  It was well worth it, and a lot fun too.

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