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Installment 5 – Sudan – “Its not about the market, its about the people”

Ben – As Jen said yesterday in the big market in Omdurman-Khartom, “It’s not about the Market. Its about the people”, this is ‘cos A) The Market is basically a jumbled pile of imported Chinese plastic items & Shoe vendors … Continue reading

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Installment 4 – Luxor to Sudan

Jen: Following our fantastic trip through the Western Desert we headed for the only campsite in Luxor – Reziky camp. We had the normal shenanigans in finding the entrance you could actually get into the site, then as the guy … Continue reading

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Instalment 3 – Egypt – Port Said to Luxor

Ben – So, we got into Egypt, Ben, Jen Cedric & Disco.  It was a big faff, but looking back it wasn’t too tricky, and no more hassle than we expected.  Customs highlights for me: The 2 angry customs men … Continue reading

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Instalment 2 – Ferry to Port Said – “Why do today what you can put off until tomorrow”

Jen: After finally leaving the Turkish port I was very grateful to find that the sea was smooth and I had no hint of sea sickness (this was a huge relief as you would not want to be poorly with … Continue reading

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